Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Andy Holt in Hawaii????

Why is our state rep, Andy Holt, not in Nashville you ask?  He's in Hawaii.  Now, if I cared even in the slightest about my constituents I would not be in Hawaii.  I would be representing my district.  I received information from a friend in Nashville that he was not in the first day of session.  I took it upon myself to call his office in Nashville to find out what was going on.

- Was Representative Holt in Legislation yesterday?
- No ma'am he wasn't.
- Is there a reason why he is not representing his constituents?
- He's out of town receiving an award.  He's out of state.
- Can I ask what state is he in?
- He's in Hawaii.
- Well that sounds more like a vacation than receiving any kind of accolade to me.
- Would you like to speak to Mr. Holt?
- Absolutely.
- Let me get your information and I will give him your message.

Now I have received information that Mr. Holt is in fact in Hawaii (on a tropical vacation that his constituents can only dream of) competing for an award at the American Farm Bureau's annual convention.  I don't see dates listed, but a post from January 5th state that it was currently going on.  

Now, Mr. Holt has returned my call, from Hawaii, answering all of my questions in a typical know-it-all can't be wrong fashion.  He kept reiterating the fact that since he is in the majority party in the Legislature, and that he was given blessings from Speaker Harwell to miss this week.  When I asked about redistricting and other votes this week he said that his vote didn't really matter (not something I want to hear from my Rep) because the minority party would not be getting any changes that they want in terms of redistricting.  He did say that he will be back this Saturday, and back in Nashville Tuesday unless the vote is postponed to Sunday.  The GA is closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Frankly, I am shocked that he did respond.  However, I think he may have thought that I was a Republican with his constant mentioning of the majority party and his disregard for the minority party.  

Frankly, I don't care who you received blessings from.  You were voted in. stupidly in my opinion, by the residents of the 76th and your concern is competing for a 2012 Chevy Silverado or 2012 GMC Sierra as well as fully paid registration for next year's convention in Grand Rapids.

Now if you see what I have brought up to be a problem, then I encourage you to call Rep. Holt's office in Nashville and express your thoughts of him being in Hawaii and NOT Nashville.

Andy's Nashville Office Contact Information
301 6th Avenue NorthSuite 
205 War Memorial Bldg
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone (615) 741-7847
Fax (615) 253-0293 

On A Side Note: While speaking with Mr. Holt I did inquire about redistricting.  He did say that Huntingdon will no longer be in the 76th, but rather the 79th (Curtis Halford's district).  Bruceton and Hollow Rock will remain in Andy's district.

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  1. And I thought, I was the only person in Mr. Holt`s District#76 to be concerned. Hey, A Hawaii vacation or a week leigislating for the 76th. district peon`s ? Think, I`ll go to Hawaii ! Can I drive my new truck ?
    Signed, And Holt